Specialist in Information & Library Science Requirements

The specialist degree requires 30 credit hours of coursework. At least 15 credit hours must come from ILS courses. The other 15 credit hours may be taken in another IU school or department.

You’ll plan your program with the ILS advisor, and you have to complete it within five years.

Other requirements:

Courses from Other Universities

In rare circumstances, up to 6 graduate credit hours from another accredited university may be applied to your specialist degree. Outside courses are warranted only when they are relevant to your career objectives. Ordinarily you must obtain permission for the outside coursework before you enroll in the course, and the Outside Course Approval Form must be completed to have the credits applied. The department chair must approve the outside coursework too. You must complete the course with a grade of B or better, the course must not be applied to another degree, and the course must be taken within the five-year time frame allowed for completing the degree.