Computer Science, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems Engineering

Financial Support

Indiana University and TheSchool of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering offers a variety of types of financial aid to students in its Ph.D. program. These include: Graduate Fellowships, Associate Instructorships, Research Assistantships, all of which usually include Fee Remissions. The Informatics and Computing Department attempts to provide financial aid to all continuing Ph.D. students in their second through fifth years who are making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree, whose overall performance in the program is strong, and who are able to serve as an Associate Instructor or Research Assistant.

Student Academic Appointments

Student Academic Appointments (SAA) can be in the form of an Associate Instructor (AI) or Research Assistantship (RA). All students with an SAA are required to sign the Application and Agreement for Student Academic Appointee form with the appropriate Payroll / HR Associate. In addition, the student will need to supply documentation required for the hiring process.

Students offered a student academic appointment (SAA), as a Research Assistant (RA) or Associate Instructor (AI), have a workload that is a 50% FTE appointment (20 hours per week). Students with a SAA, are required to register for at least 6 credit hours to maintain full-time status.

Students with research assistantships must secure their RA supervisors' advance written permission to take any outside courses in addition to the required 9 credits of CS courses contributing towards their degrees. This approval must be provided to the Graduate Student Services Specialist prior to registration.

All students with an SAA are responsible for following all policies outlined in the Student Academic Handbook.

Associate Instructorships

The Associate Instructorships (AIs) are the primary form of financial assistance for continuing students. AIs assist a faculty member in teaching introductory courses and are responsible for leading discussion sections and labs.

AI’s are required to attend the Associate Instructor Orientation prior to the start of the fall term. Additionally, they are required to complete the AI Training Program, if they have not previously taken an approved pedagogy class. This program allows students to utilize campuse resources from the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and attend various AI related workshops/meetings offered by the School and/or their respective division.

Note: Students whose native language is not English cannot be AIs until they pass the Test of English Proficiency for Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC).

Students who have accumulated 90 hours or more and who have completed all course requirements are not eligible for fee remissions, but may enroll in G901.

It is our understanding that fee remissions and fee scholarships are not taxable. Summer fee remission and fee scholarship awards are restricted to a maximum of six hours. Fee remissions and fee scholarships are restricted to a maximum of 30 hours in any academic year (fall, spring and summer terms).

Research Assistantships

Many faculty members may have research grants that include stipend, tuition remission, and fees for graduate students hired to work on the funded research project. The availability of research assistantships will vary each year among faculty. The awards are not made by SICE, but rather are arranged directly with the funding faculty.

Summer Appointments

A limited number of summer AI and RA appointments are available. These funds are allocated on the basis of scholarly, research and/or teaching performance.

University Graduate School Fellowships

It is encourage that all student become familiar with the various funding opportunities at Indiana University. For update listing of awards and deadline, visit the IU GradGrants Center website.

UGS Internal Fellowship & Awards

The University Graduate School offers several internal and external Fellowships and Awards. The application process and deadlines vary by Fellowship and Award so be sure you read the requirements carefully. If you are interested being nominated for an internal Fellowship and Award, email your graduate office to let them know that you are interested in being nominated.


The stipends attached to AI and RA appointments are considered graduate student financial support and compensation for the academic duties assigned, and as such are taxable income.

The following enrollment requirements apply: a) All graduate students on a SAA or above .375 full time equivalent (FTE) must enroll for at least 6 credit hours each semester on appointment. Students on summer appointments have the option of enrolling to be exempt from FICA payments. b) Students appointed at less than .375 FTE must enroll for at least 1 credit hour each semester on appointment.

Post 90-hour Assistantships

Students with an SAA who have accumulated 90 hours or more and who have completed all course requirements are not eligible for fee remissions.

Students with an SAA at or above .375 FTE must enroll in 6 credit hours each semester, but may enroll in G901 (Advanced Research) which carries a value of 6 credit hours, flat rate fee of $150 and no mandatory fees.