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CS Ph.D. Milestone Guidelines and Forms



All forms should be submitted to the CSGSO upon completion

Core Course Requirements - first two years of Ph.D. study

• Fulfill major and minor course requirements
• Transfer credits if applicable (up to 30 credits may be transferred with approval)

Course Planning Form

Transfer of Graduate Credit Approval Form

Start Research Involvement - First year of Ph.D. study

• Start research involvement via Independent Study (Y790) or RAship. With Faculty approval

For course permission (CSCI-Y890, CSCI-G901) email soiccsiu@indiana.edu

CSCI-Y790 - upon approval locate faculty member name in Course Browser and register

Form Advisory Committee - first year of Ph.D. study

• Three members, at least two must be graduate faculty
• Two from student's major area, one from another area.
Appointment of Ph.D. Advisory Committee Form

Minor - Three options are available:

1. An External Minor awarded by another Indiana University department or graduate program that is approved by the Computer Science Program.

2. An Internal Minor: at least 9 computer science credits, in courses other than reading and research, and in an area other than the student's specialization. The area and the courses must be approved by the student's Advisory Committee.

3. An Individualized Interdisciplinary Minor: at least 12 credits spanning at least two Indiana University departments/ degree programs, to be recommended by the student's Advisory Committee and approved by the CSGSO in advance of any course work.

Minor Form

Pass Qualifying Exam - By the end of second year of Ph.D. study

• Must finish all course requirements before taking Qualifying Exam
• Submit Qualifying Exam Scheduling form when the exam is scheduled
• Submit the Qualifying Exam form as soon as the oral exam takes place

Qualifying Exam Scheduling Form

Qualifying Examination Form

Obtain Ph.D. Nomination to Candidacy - 5th semester of Ph.D. study

• All major and minor coursework must be complete and graded
• Passed Qualifying Exam

Submit the Nomination to Candidacy Form for the Ph.D. Degree Application (eDoc) through One.IU

Form Research Committee - by the end of the 3rd year of Ph.D. study

• All members must be graduate faculty
• Research advisor as chair
• At least two other members from the CS program
• A representative for each minor area

Submit the Ph.D. Nomination of Research Committee (eDoc) through One.IU

Submit a request to change committee by submitting the Ph.D. Research Committee Change (eDoc) through One.IU

Submit Dissertation Proposal

• After the Research Committee is formed
• Submit the thesis proposal form as soon as the proposal takes place
Dissertation Proposal Form

Schedule Dissertation Defense

• 6 months after Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation Defense Announcement

• Must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the Defense

Dissertation Defense

• At least 30 days after the announcement is submitted to the UGS
• Submit the Final Defense Approval Form as soon as the defense takes place

Submit the Ph.D. Defense Announcement (eDoc) through One,IU

Final Defense Approval Form

Dissertation Submission and Graduation

• Revise Dissertation based on the requirements of the Research Committee
• Submit Dissertation to UGS
• Submit the Ph.D. Commencement Participation Application through One.IU

Submit the Ph.D. Commencement Participation Application (eDoc) through One.IU