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Ph.D. Milestone Guidelines and Forms

Always consult with the Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics Handbook that you are following which can be found at the bottom of the page under HandbooksFor more detailed information, we also recommend consulting the Ph.D. requirements from the  University Graduate School Bulletin 2017-2018. If you are pursuing a double major, consult the University Graduate School requirements, benchmarks, and explanations for a double major.  Consult with the Graduate Studies Office for further details.

It is the student’s sole responsibility to fulfill all requirements of the Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics degree as described in the Ph.D. Handbook and the UGS Bulletin. Review these documents each semester and consult with the Informatics Graduate Studies Office for help.

Please follow all steps in The Student’s Guide to the Ph.D. in Informatics. The University Graduate School manages the final milestones. Most forms are online as edocs through One.IU in the Graduate School Task Center. You may also find the Ph.D. Student Guide Sample Timeline to be helpful.

Milestone and Form


All UGS forms are in the UGS task center in One.IU

Advisory Committee During your first year after admission
• Submit completed form, Assignment of Advisory Committee, to the Graduate Studies Office (GSO).

a. Committee must include: (1) at least two members from the student's major area (track) and at least one from another area (track); and (2) at least two of the committee members must be members of the graduate faculty. *Note: It is highly recommended to include a minor representative as one of your committee members.
Transfer of Credit During your first year after admission
• Submit completed form, TransferCredit Form, to the GSO.
Up to 30 MS credits may be transferred. For a course to transfer, a grade 3.0 or higher must have been earned.
Graduation Evaluation Day (GED) Each year of your program (annual date to be decided)
• Submit appropriate forms to the GSO.
Each year, the Informatics program faculty review and evaluate your academic progress. Following your GED, you will receive a GED letter letting you know the results of the GED and the faculty evaluations.
Minor During course work
• Submit completed form, Doctoral Minor, to the GSO.
All Informatics doctoral students are required to complete either a minor within the School or an approved minor outside the School. Internal and external minors should be appropriate to the student’s research as determined by the student’s advisory committee. *Note: Individualized minors must be approved prior to taking courses.
Qualifying Exam After you complete all course work and within the first three years after admission
• Submit completed form, Qualifying Examination Approval, to the GSO.
The qualifying examinations – written and oral – are prescribed by track faculty. Candidacy expires seven (7) years from the date that the student passed the Quals. The Quals must be passed at least eight (8) months before the date the degree is awarded.
Continuing Enrollment - Beginning first semester after passing your quals
• Ensure that you are properly enrolled each semester
After passing the Quals, the student must remain continuously enrolled until the degree is conferred beginning the next semester after passing the Quals (excluding the summer sessions). If you have completed 90 credit hours and all requirements for the Ph.D., you are eligible to enroll in G901 for a flat fee of $150 per semester.
Nomination to Candidacy - After completion of all coursework and successfully passing of the qualifying exam
• Go to One.IU to complete and submit your Nomination to Candidacy.
You must complete all coursework and pass the qualifying exam prior to submitting your Nomination to Candidacy. You should have no “I” or “R” grades except for I-890. If any courses older than seven years from the passing date of the qualifying exam were used for your course prescription, a memo requesting revalidation of such courses must accompany the Nomination to Candidacy form when it is sent to the University Graduate School (UGS) for approval. Your candidacy expires seven (7) years after the passing date of the oral qualifying exam. Your advisory committee disbands when you are nominated to candidacy.

Dissertation Proposal - After Nomination to Candidacy is approved and at least thirty (30) days prior to your defense
• Set a date and time with faculty and reserve your room. Submit completed form, PhD in Informatics Dissertation Research Prospectus, to the GSO.

You present your research plan to your research committee.

Nomination of Research - After admission to candidacy status and must be approved at least six (6) months prior to defending
• Go to One.IU to complete and submit the Nomination of  Research Committee for the Ph.D.
The research committee will include: (1) a director who will serve as the chairperson; (2) two or more faculty members from the major department; and (3) one faculty member from each minor. All Research Committee members must be from Indiana University and members of the graduate faculty. The director who serves as the chairperson and at least half of the research committee must be endorsed to direct doctoral dissertations.
Research Compliance - Before dissertation research begins
• See: Office of Research Administration Approval is given to you by the appropriate committee; provide a copy to the GSO.
If the proposed research involves human subjects, animals, biohazards, or radiation, you must obtain approval from the appropriate university committee.

Prepare Final Defense of the Dissertation - At least 30 days prior to the scheduled defense of the dissertation
• Set a date and time with faculty and reserve your room. Prepare Defense Announcement (a summary with a maximum of 300 words).
• Go to One.IU to complete and submit your Defense Announcement.

The University Graduate School begins counting the 30 days from the date your e-doc is received by our office. We recommend that you submit the e-doc at least 40 days before your defense date to allow time for the e-doc to route for approval through your academic department. Once the final examination has been scheduled, the announced time and place of defense must not be changed without the approval of the dean. Document should be in Microsoft Word and a hardcopy PDF.
Defense of the Dissertation - At least 30 days after the announcement is submitted to the UGS
• Present in public meeting and answer questions from your Research Committee. Submit completed form, Final Defense Approval/Doctoral Acceptance to the GSO.
An oral defense meeting, open to the public, is required. The Research Committee must vote on the outcome of the examination: pass, conditional pass, deferred decision, and failure. All members of a Ph.D. student’s research committee are expected to participate in your defense in-person and on-campus. If there are ever cases where a member is unable to participate in-person and on-campus, email the informatics Director of Graduate Studies and copy inforecd@indiana.edu explaining how he or she will participate in the off-site defense and why he or she is unable to participate in person. Once the Informatics Director of Graduate Studies approves the requests for a committee member to participate remotely, the Informatics Graduate Studies Office will email the University Graduate School and request approval.
Submission of the Dissertation Within six (6) months from the date of the defense
• Fulfill any requirements of your Research Committee and submit your final dissertation using the Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form. Notify the GSO upon final deposit of your dissertation.
Either a traditional submission or an electronic submission (preferred) is required. See UGS policy.
Your Research Committee Chairperson oversees any final revisions.
Graduation! Your graduation date is the last day of the month in which you deposit your final dissertation to UGS. In order to graduate in a particular month, your dissertation must be submitted by no later than the 10th day of the month.
• Go to One.IU to comeplete and submit your Application for Graduation, to the UGS.

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