Information & Library Science Forms

Course Forms

  • Outside Course Approval Form
    MIS students may count up to 6 hours outside ILS toward the MIS degree. Specialist (post-master's) degree students may count up to 15 hours outside ILS with approval. Students should consult with their academic adviser before registering for courses. Outside courses that are not approved before registration may not count towards the student's degree.
  • Course Waiver Approval Form
    If course waiver is approved, the number of hours required for the degree remains the same. The waiver allows students the option of an extra elective course rather than a required core course.
  • Dual Degree Declaration Form
    Students will use this form to declare a second degree that they will be pursuing, while also pursuing a graduate degree program with ILS. This form will need to be approved by ILS staff once submitted.
  • Specialization Declaration Form
    Students will use this form to declare their area of specialization within their chosen graduate degree program. This form will need to be approved by ILS staff once submitted.
  • Audit Form
    Most ILS classes are only available for credit. In general participating courses - particularly ones with labs - are not available to audit at ILS. However, check with the course instructor if interested. Use the Registrar's "Memorandum for Course Audit" form to sign up.
  • Z605 forms are available on our Career Services pages.
  • Z601, Z602, and Z765 signup forms are available on a separate server.

Graduation Guidelines

Ph.D. Forms

The forms below complement the Ph.D. Handbook

  • ILS Application for Travel Award for ILS Ph.D. students only.

    For the Fall Semester Award, the application is due September 15 (for travel conducted between August 30-January 15).                   
    For the Spring Semester Award, the application is due February 1 (for travel conducted between January 15-August 30).

Graduate School Links and Final Steps

The University Graduate School manages the final milestones. Most forms are now online as edocs through One.IU. Review the information from the University Graduate School with regards to forms and dissertation submission.

  • Request for Individualized Minor
  • Request for Revalidation of Coursework
  • Request for Substitution or Waiver of Program Requirement
  • Nomination to Candidacy
  • Nomination of Research Committee
  • Dissertation Defense and submission
  • Abstract and Title page signatures
  • Application for Commencement