Luddy Hall Move

As you know, our move out of Lindley Hall, ILS, and Smith Research is scheduled for the week of Dec. 18-22. Everyone hopefully has read the previous moving instructions from the ITG group and has been preparing for the move by packing and labeling the items that will go into their Luddy Hall offices. If you haven’t begun that process, please begin immediately. Time is running out.

As you finish the packing process, here are some reminders to get ready for the move: 

Assemble boxes and reinforce bottoms and sides with packaging tape. When full, seal, and attach a label on the side of the box (see instructions for this label below) to assist the movers. To move your Office Chair - put a label on the hard surface back.  Leave the sealed and labeled boxes and chair in your office or seating area. Finally place clear tape over the labels as we have found that the labels are falling off the boxes and chairs.

IMPORTANT: Please take home everything that is not going to Luddy Hall BEFORE December 18th. The moving company will not move anything not packed and labeled. Anything left in the offices or seating areas will be considered trash or surplus. 

Label Color determines the Luddy Hall floor:

  • Ground Floor  Pink
  • 1st Floor          Blue
  • 2nd Floor         Green
  • 3rd Floor          Yellow
  • 4th Floor          Red

On the label, write the Luddy Hall room number and your name. Please place clear tape over the labels as we have found that the labels are falling off the boxes and chairs.

Need boxes, packaging tape, and / or labels?

  • Lindley Hall 215 (Lynne Mikolon),
  • Wells Library 011 (Katie Novak)
  • Smith Research 150 (Julie Overfield)

Special Items

Mini-Refrigerators-  Will be moved provided that they are:

  • emptied and cleaned
  • defrosted
  • Label with Luddy room number and name of owner 


  • Please clean the inside and outside and tape the door shut
  • Label with Luddy room number and name of owner 

Coffee makers:

  • The movers will NOT move coffee makers from individual offices as they are easily damaged. Please make your own arrangement to move your personal coffee makers to your new Luddy Hall office. 


  • Personal items need to be removed from the lockers in the Corridors. Anything left in the lockers at the time of the move will be discarded.
  • Remove combination locks so moving crew can disassemble the lockers 


  • Hogan Mayflower will not move plants. Owners are responsible for their own plants.

File Cabinets in private Offices:

  • New filing cabinets, that match the rest of the office furniture, are provided in your Luddy office. Please box and label the files that you would like moved to your Luddy Office.
  • IU will not move existing office file cabinets. 


IU policy on office couches says that only Deans or Chairs may have a couch in their offices.  If you are moving to Luddy Hall and you have a couch in your office, it will NOT be moved to Luddy Hall.  Take it home, give it away, or leave it where it is.  If you leave it where it is, it will be disposed of.  We can offer you comfortable reading chairs that other Faculty currently are using in their offices.

Note: Larger items that do not fit in the moving boxes will need to be labeled with your office number and name. The movers will move these items on carts and speed packs. However, they will not be responsible if an item gets damaged so I suggest if an item has sentimental or monetary value that you move these items in your cars.


The entire SICE IT group will be busy in the weeks prior to and following the move will be actively engaged in a multitude of activities involving moving logistics. We ask for your patience and understanding as we embark on this enormous undertaking.

Here are a few ‘IT things to know’ regarding the move:

  1. SICE IT group will prepare your computer for the move - please LOG-OFF your computer so we can power it down and prepare it for the move. We will be visiting every office, work area, classroom and lab, disconnect the systems from the network and power, bag the peripherals (keyboard, mouse, webcam, etc.) in bags provided by the movers.
    • Unified Linux system users – do not shut down. We need to reconfigure with new IP addresses before they are shutdown.
  2. For the month of December, please limit events that require a high-demand for IT support and resources
  3. Purchase requests – in an effort to ensure that purchase deliveries do not get lost during the move, we ask that purchase requests in December be kept to only critical requests. During the transition, delivery of any purchases will need to be temporarily routed to the Informatics complex on 10th Street to ensure they do not get lost in the move.
  4. Lindley card access: We will not process access request changes for Lindley Hall after Nov. 30. If you receive a new Crimson Card prior to the move, you will need to keep your old card until you finish moving out of Lindley.
  5. Printers - SICE is moving toward a sustainable “green” approach to printing with our 22 new Ricoh-managed multipurpose printers that will be setup throughout Luddy Hall and are currently functioning in Informatics complex and other buildings. 
    Did you know:
  • Ricoh printers save SICE money — 14 percent of print jobs sent to printers are never picked up. This results in wasted paper, toner, energy and money. These statistics are measurable in the IU print analytics dashboard found here:  
  • Secure release of print jobs allows for on-demand, confidential printing. Just swipe your Crimson Card, choose your print job and print. (FYI for confidential prints – if you swipe your card and see that a red light is on, please put some paper in the printer. Once you swipe your card, the print job is released.) Prints that are sent but never released are removed from the print queue after four hours.
  • It costs more money to send to the color print queue than the black and white. You can participate in the savings by only printing color when necessary.
  • When you click print at your computer, you can pick up your prints at ANY Ricoh printer in any SICE building with a swipe of your Crimson card.
  • SICE can contribute to the green initiative by using the Ricoh centrally managed printers that save money and precious resources
  1. Fax machines are becoming a thing of the past, but you can still send and receive faxes via the web. Here’s how: -- it’s another way we can participate in SICE IT sustainability efforts.

Here are some of the activities the IT group will be doing in preparation for the Luddy move:

Server rooms

  • Preparing the new Luddy server room – wiring new server racks.
  • Shutting down and moving all servers from Lindley and ILS server rooms over to Luddy (stay tuned for more communication about the impact and timing).
  • Installing all servers in Luddy, bringing them back online, testing.


  • Preparing all workstations in Lindley, ILS, and other buildings, and ready them for the movers (unplug power and network, bag all peripherals).
  • Setting-up all workstations in Luddy and connecting power and network/test.
  • Testing connections to the new Luddy printers.

Classrooms and Computer labs

  • Preparing all classroom technology in Lindley and ILS for the move.
  • Simultaneously preparing new classrooms and lab hardware and software builds in Luddy to be ready for the Spring semester.
  • Working with IU Classroom Technology Services to have classroom and conference room technology installed.

Emergency digital signs and wayfinding kiosks

  • Digital signs will be installed on every floor. They will be connected to the IU Alert system and will display SICE information and emergency alerts generated by the university.
  • Wayfinding kiosks will be installed just inside the West main entrance to assist with finding places, people and events


  • Moving your phones and making sure they are set-up and functioning at your new location at Luddy Hall.


  • Install and test 22 new printers