Making a Contribution to More Book Lust


Making a Contribution to More Book Lust

In the Introduction of the book Book Lust by Nancy Pearl, she invited people to send book recommendations.

Lindsy Serrano, SLIS Master of Library Science student, was a senior in college when she read this invitation a year ago. She emailed the author with suggestions stating, "I enjoy Caribbean literature." One author that she suggested was the Haitian writer, Edwidge Danticat, and two of her books: Krick? Krick? and Breath, Eyes, Memory. Lindsy received her B.A. degree in Comparative Literature with a focus in Caribbean Literature. She is also of Puerto Rican heritage.

Nancy Pearl wrote her back thanking her, and letting her know that there would be a Caribbean section in her new book.

In Nancy Pearl's newest book, More Book Lust, she includes Lindsy Serrano in her acknowledgment page. There is a chapter titled "The Contradictory Caribbean: Paradise and Pain" – which includes recommendations from Lindsy.

–– Nancy Pearl is speaking at the Indiana State Library on Friday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Hall. Her talk "Book Lust" is co-sponsored by the IU School of Library and Information Science – Indianapolis, the Indiana State Library, and the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library. The flier for the talk includes this information about her "Author, Radio Personality, Librarian Extraordinaire, Creator of the One Book, One City National Phenomenon and Retired Director of the Washington Center for the Book. The only librarian with her own action figure."

Posted October 18, 2005