Vox populi: Civility in the blogosphere


Blaise Cronin, Dean of the IU School of Library and Information Science, was a contributor to a recent issue of the International Journal of Information Management.

"Vox populi: Civility in the blogosphere" addresses the issue of civility in an electronic age. Cronin notes that the "technology of blogging is a marvelous innovation." But the concern he raises is: "The pivotal issue is the atrophying of civility in the public sphere and the emergence of a brutish me-centeredness which acknowledges no social norms, no form of cognitive authority and wraps its barbs and banalities in the cloak of First Amendment rhetoric. Blaming the technology for the dubious and deviant is, of course, infantile..."

You can link to the full text of the article from the Elsevier website under the section "Free Journal Content":

Volume 25, Issue 6, pages 483-586 (December 2005)
Correspondence: Vox populi: Civility in the blogosphere
(pages 549-550)

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Posted November 03, 2005