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Raymond Ranier
Raymond Ranier, prepared for a
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Raymond Ranier (MLS 1993) has written Programming for Adults: A Guide for Small- and Medium-Sized Libraries, which was published by Scarecrow Press in 2005. In a recent email, he describes his reasons for writing the book:

"The book distills my knowledge of the educational, entertainment, and literary programming that I have done for our adult patrons over the last eight years, which dates to the time this relatively new concept was added to my job description. Little prepared me (or others in a similar position) for a job as "cruise director" and I felt that writing of my experiences would save some unsuspecting newcomer undue grief when the realization hit that not all library work is of a "traditional" nature."

The publisher's website describes the book as follows:

"As the mission statements of libraries across the nation change to reflect the realities of post-liberal America and its emphasis on economic values, librarians have had to pick up their long-standing paradigm and move it in an endless shuffle from knowledge stewardship, to information broker, to entertainment director. Many library boards have made it clear that the public library, especially in smaller communities, can earn its keep only by becoming the center of educational, informational, and entertainment possibilities for their taxpayers. This has necessitated a ten-year learning curve unprecedented in professional life. Few librarians, even those being schooled today in our graduate schools, are prepared to shift into high gear when it comes to conceptualizing, planning, paying for, and evaluating public programs for their patrons.
Unlike its predecessors that leave ideas for public programming to the imagination, Programming for Adults lists ideas, names names, and massages the already fertile librarian imagination to the challenge and creativity inherent in adult programming. Legal issues are discussed, possible pitfalls are flagged, and evaluative follow-ups are suggested. The advice put forth in this book can help you put on your show to the satisfaction of your boss and, more importantly, to the accolades of your public."

Ranier is the Head of Adult Services at the Peabody Public Library in Columbia City, Indiana.

Ranier, R. (2005). Programming for adults: A guide for small- and medium-sized libraries. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

Posted June 01, 2006