2006 SLIS Doctoral Student Research Forum


The 2006 SLIS Doctoral Student Research Forum was held on September 16, 2006 in the Persimmon Room at the Indiana Memorial Union. Javed Mostafa, SLIS Ph.D. Program Director, gave opening remarks, followed by presentations from SLIS doctoral students on their current research.

"The SLIS Doctoral Research Forum seeks to provide a means by which students and faculty members may both present and increase their awareness of the latest research in SLIS within a collegial and helpful environment. As members of a meta-discipline with dynamic boundaries, information scientists develop and strengthen theories from within the discipline and draw upon theoretical frameworks from related disciplines such as computer science, library studies, business, sociology, linguistics, and cognitive science. The SLIS Doctoral Research Forum welcomes submissions from all areas within information science. Participation is limited to SLIS Doctoral students.
Submissions are open to products of research conducted over the past year, even if they have been published elsewhere. Submissions can also include early reflections, exploration, and development on research questions or problems." [excerpt from program announcement]

Dr Mostafa emailed about the forum:

"It was a wonderful event. It provided a unique opportunity for all doctoral students to learn about each others' work in a single day and in a relaxed environment.
All the doctoral students who participated worked very hard to provide a professional and lively summary of their latest work. I would like to thank the DSA for supporting this event. A special thanks goes to Cameron Tuai for his time and dedication to make the event a success. There were several faculty members present in the event. I am grateful to these faculty colleagues for supporting our doctoral students."

Forum Program

  1. Peter Hook - Ideological Alliances on the Unites States Supreme Court: Visualizing 50 Years of Co-Voting Data
  2. Shannon Oltmann - E-quality and E-service Equality
  3. Jonathan Warren - Social Network and Genre Emergence in Amateur Flash Multimedia [with John Paolillo, Jonathan Warren Breanne Kunz]
  4. Sharon Stoerger - Tales of a Fourth Grade Quester: Language Sophistication in Quest Atlantis
  5. Ning Yu - Got an Opinion? Opinion Retrieval in Blog Track 2006 [with Ning Yu and Hui Zhang]
  6. Kathryn Clodfelter - Indiana's Community Networking Movement: Websites Then and Now [with Kathryn Clodfelter, Wayne Buente , and Howard Rosenbaum]
  7. D. Scott McCaulay - Practical Application of MIR Concepts: the VisiTunes System
  8. Stacy Kowalczyk - The Interaction of Trust, Controls and the Disposition to Trust in Virtual Teams [with Alan Dennis and Stacy Kowalczyk]
  9. Weimao Ke - Collaborative Classifier Agents: Studying the Impact of Learning in Distributed Knowledge Discovery [with Weimao Ke, Javed Mostafa, and Yueyu Fu]
  10. Cameron Tuai - Innovation and Organizational Development in Libraries: A Case Study
  11. Nicolas George - Empirical Analysis and Evaluation of a Metadata Scheme for Representing Pedagogical Resources in a Digital Library for Educators
  12. Aaron Loehrlein - Evolution of Standards Terminologies in the Domain of Manufacturing Enterprise [with Aaron Loehrlein, Richard Martin, and Edward L. Robertson]
  13. Seung-Min Lee - Poster: Constructing a faceted vocabulary

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    Posted September 20, 2006

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