Mapping Science Workshops

Katy Borner

SLIS faculty member Katy Börner presented a talk at the "New Horizons in Internet Site Development" workshop held at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, on October 22-25, 2006. Her invited talk was entitled "Mapping the Structure and Evolution of Science Locally and Globally." Börner discussed the advantages and the process for mapping science. She also presented various applications of mapping knowledge.

She opened the third day of the workshop with a presentation on "Using Our Collective Wisdom Introduction: Supporting the Global Brain Emerging on this Planet" arguing that "the problem is not how one person can access knowledge but how we can collectively access and manage humanity's knowledge" [Börner].

On October 26, 2006, Börner, along with Julie Smith and Stephen Uzzo, co-organized a "Workshop on Science (Weather) Forecasts" at the New York Hall of Science. The goal of the workshop was to "identify existing and to master-mind novel maps for an exhibit on "Science (Weather) Forecasts" as part of the third iteration" of the Places & Spaces exhibition, co-curated by Börner and Smith.

Posted November 09, 2006

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