ASIS&T Award of Merit 2006: Blaise Cronin

Blaise Cronin

The ASIS&T Award of Merit, established in 1964, is the Society's highest honor, bestowed annually on an individual who has made "a noteworthy contribution to the field of information science, including the expression of new ideas, the creation of new devices, the development of better techniques and outstanding service to the profession of information science."

Blaise Cronin, Rudy Professor of Information Science at Indiana University and Dean of the School of Library and Information Science, was honored by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) by being named the 2006 recipient of the Award of Merit. The award was presented at the Society's annual meeting in Austin, Texas.

Dean Cronin's acceptance speech included reflections about the "history of information science and its intellectual contours", plus the terminology and literature of the field. He discussed some of the key pioneers/founders of the discipline, challenging the audience to "build on their intellectual legacy." See the text below.

ASIS&T 2006 Award of Merit Acceptance Speech by Blaise Cronin

For additional discussion about trends in library and information science programs - see: "An I-dentity crisis? The information schools movement" by Blaise Cronin through

Under journals - type: International Journal of Information Management. Select Volume 25, Issue 4, pages 363-365.

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Posted November 10, 2006