Börner to Speak at Google

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Network Workbench -- Towards a Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science
Image composition by Elisha Hardy

SLIS faculty member Katy Börner will give a talk at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California on January 31, 2007. Title and abstract are below.

Scholarly Data, Network Science, and (Google) Maps - Modeling, Mapping, and Exploring the Dynamic Landscape of Science

Want to see science from above? Curious to see what impact one single person or invention can have? Keen to find pockets of innovation? Desperate for better tools to manage the flood of information? Or are you simply fascinated by maps?

This talk presents a visual feast of local and global, static and dynamic maps of science and a discussion of the data integration, analysis, modeling, and visualization techniques used to generate them.

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Posted January 09, 2007

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