Nature magazine to feature science map from Börner exhibit

Katy Borner

The ID (illuminated diagram) Science Map for the Places and Spaces: Mapping Science Exhibit was featured in Nature magazine (Nature. Vol. 444. 21/28. December 2006, page 985).

This science map was commissioned by SLIS faculty member Katy Börner for the Places and Spaces exhibit. The map was created by W. Bradford Paley, Kevin W. Boyack, and Richard Klavans. The data was from Thompson Scientific (formerly known as Thompson ISI).

Excerpts from the article (by Emma Marris):

  • "BRILLIANT DISPLAY: From a jewel-like bird, rarer than any diamond, to the delicately poetic swirls generated inside aircraft engines, the pursuit of knowledge turns up its fair share of beauty. This issue, Nature wraps up the year with an arresting series of images from 2006. We've divided them into the art of the natural world, planet-scapes both domestic and extraterrestiral, and the splendor of modern technology. Just because something enhances our knowledge doesn't mean it can't also be bewitching."
  • "A MAP OF SCIENCE: We begin with all of science all at once, in this conceptual map of 800,000 published papers. The red circles are nodes of papers that cite one another. They are named with a string of phrases that relate to their fields, and are connected with lines of various heaviness and length, depending on the cross-linkages. Pure chemistry is at the end of the right-hand peninsula. Medicine is located roughly at the lower left, and physics is at the top." (photo caption for map commissioned by Katy Börner)

A 22x22" size version of the map is available on:

Places and Spaces is curated by Katy Börner and Julie Smith, Indiana University. It is currently on display at the New York Hall of Science.

Posted January 09, 2007

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