MIS 3.0

Howard Rosenbaum

The Master of Information Science (MIS) degree program was established in 1995. The curriculum was updated in 2001, and the faculty has just approved revisions for version 3.0. The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) works to keep the curriculum current to meet changes in the profession.

"The SLIS MIS program helps to educate a distinctive information professional, one whose expertise includes understanding the human side of information and information technologies and applying this understanding to practical problems. The curriculum has been designed to provide a sound conceptual foundation for developing leadership-oriented careers and enable students to develop expertise in one or more specific areas."

There will be a meeting to discuss the changes on Friday, March 30.

The MIS Program Director, Howard Rosenbaum sent this message to SLIS students:

SLIS is pleased to announce MIS 3.0 - a new version of the MIS Degree program that will be effective fall 2007. You can find descriptions of the degree and the new requirements here:
Why should you care?
You entered the program under one set of requirements. If we change the program before you graduate, you can opt in to the new version. If you are in the dual degree program or are thinking about adding an MIS as part of your dual degree you too can opt in.
I have scheduled an open meeting for anyone interested in finding out about the new program:
Where: SLIS, Room 030
When: Friday, March 30
Time: 4:00-5:00 PM
At this meeting I will explain how the new program works. I will also answer questions about MIS courses so feel free to come by, especially if you have advising questions.
Did I also mention that there will be food and drink?
Questions or comments, email me! Howard Rosenbaum

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Posted March 23, 2007