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"Chart Toppers: An exhibition explores the diverse ways of putting data on the map" is the title of a Science in Culture feature written by Martin Kemp for the January 2007 issue of Nature magazine (Vol. 445, page 368).

Katy Börner and Julie Smith (SLIS, Indiana University) curated the "Places and Spaces" exhibit featured in the article. The exhibit has received extensive recognition. See the exhibit website for samples of the maps, articles, press and more at:

Excerpt from the article by Martin Kemp:

"It was often said that geography was about maps, and history about chaps. But there are virtually no sets of data - about chaps or anything else - that cannot be mapped, although sometimes a visually appealing map can hide as much as it reveals. This is the message of the exhibition 'Places and Spaces: Mapping Science' which can be seen at the New York Hall of Science until 25 February, after which it will tour the United States, Japan and Europe. Curated by Katy Börner and Julie Smith of Indiana University, the exhibition contains a judicious selection of early and modern maps that are laid out in various ways how historic cultures have charted the configuration of the Earth and the heavens... Relationships between 'chaps' are also mapped, with networks of scientists and citations to the fore..."

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Posted April 13, 2007

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