Social Networks, Mobile Phones, Business IMs and More

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Scholars tackle the ways mobile phone users employ intentionally "missed calls," how instant messaging is affecting workers ability to get things done, Creative Commons licensing, and more in the October 2007 issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC). Edited by SLIS faculty member Susan Herring, this issue of JCMC also includes a collection of research articles covering social network sites. SLIS and Informatics faculty member John Paolillo served as associate editor.

JCMC, which has been published quarterly since June 1995, is an open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal that focuses on "social science research on computer-mediated communication via the Internet, the World Wide Web, and wireless technologies" [JCMC website]. In 2004, the International Communication Associated adopted it as one of its official journals.

Contents of JCMC: Volume 13, Issue 1, October 2007

The Rules of Beeping: Exchanging Messages Via Intentional "Missed Calls" on Mobile Phones by Jonathan Donner

IM=Interruption Management? Instant Messaging and Disruption in the Workplace by R. Kelly Garrett and James N. Danziger

Email Flaming Behaviors and Organizational Conflict by Anna K. Turnage

Take Me Back: Validating the Wayback Machine by Jamie Murphy, Noor Hazarina Hashim, and Peter O'Connor

The Impact of Language Variety and Expertise on Perceptions of Online Political Discussions by Kenny W. P. Tan, Debbie Swee, Corinne Lim, Benjamin H. Detenber, and Lubna Alsagof

Every Blog Has Its Day: Politically Interested Internet Users' Perceptions of Blog Credibility by Thomas J. Johnson, Barbara K. Kaye, Shannon L. Bichard, and W. Joann Wong

Writing for Friends and Family: The Interpersonal Nature of Blogs by Michael A. Stefanone and Chyng-Yang Jang

Mein Nick bin ich! Nicknames in a German Forum on Eating Disorders by Wyke Stommel

University Instructors' Acceptance of Electronic Courseware: An Application of the Technology Acceptance Model by Namkee Park, Kwan Min Lee, and Pauline Hope Cheong

The Creative Commons and Copyright Protection in the Digital Era: Uses of Creative Commons Licenses by Minjeong Kim

Special Section: Social Network Sites, guest edited by danah boyd and Nicole Ellison

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship by danah m. boyd and Nicole B. Ellison

Signals in Social Supernets by Judith Donath

Social Network Profiles as Taste Performances by Hugo Liu

Whose Space? Differences Among Users and Non-Users of Social Network Sites by Eszter Hargittai

Cying for Me, Cying for Us: Relational Dialectics in a Korean Social Network by Kyung-Hee Kim and Haejin Yun

Public Discourse, Community Concerns, and Civic Engagement: Exploring Black Social Networking Traditions on by Dara N. Byrne

Mobile Social Networks and Social Practice: A Case Study of Dodgeball by Lee Humphreys

Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on YouTube by Patricia Lange

Posted November 16, 2007