Semantic Web Application: Music Retrieval - Talk 9/29/08

Photo of Ying Ding

On Monday September 29, 2008, SLIS faculty member Ying Ding will speak at the Networks and Complex Systems Talk Series. The talk will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in SLIS, Wells Library, Room 001. Ying Ding’s talk is entitled "Semantic Web Application: Music Retrieval" (see abstract below).


The vision of the Semantic Web is to lift current Web into semantic repositories where heterogeneous data can be queried and different services can be mashed up. The Web becomes a platform for integrating data and services. Ontology or agreed consensus is the key issue to achieve that. Especially in cultural heritage area, cross-media and cross-archival retrieval turn out to be the slogan in this area. The EASAIER project (European Union funded) aims to enable enhanced access to sound archives by providing multiple methods of retrieval, integration with other media archives and content enrichment. During this talk, I will share with you the development of this project.

Dr. Ding is teaching the SLIS S636 - Semantic Web course this Fall. An excerpt from the Course Description is included here:

"The current Web has experienced tremendous changes to connect information, people and knowledge. There are a couple of exciting efforts trying to bring the Web to its full potential. The Semantic Web is one of them which is heavily embedded in the Artificial Intelligence area. The long-term goal of the Semantic Web is to enhance the human and machine interaction by representing the data in an understandable way for the machine to mediate data and services."

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Posted September 19, 2008