Library Ethics - a New Book by Jean Preer

Photo of Jean Preer showing Library Ethics

Jean Preer's new book Library Ethics has been published (October 2008) by Libraries Unlimited, a member of the Greenwood Publishing Group. The book addresses issues of professionalism, identify, values, confidentiality, access, services, and conflicts of interest.

Excerpts - Libraries Unlimited Website:

Description: "The evolution of ethical standards for librarians parallels the development of librarianship as a profession. Our most important professional values have been tested and debated in the course of formulating and adopting our codes of ethics. This book includes historical precedents and current examples of ethical issues facing the profession. It looks broadly at the many arenas in which librarians face ethical choices, helping practitioners identify an ethical dilemma and providing guidance on how to respond, how to separate personal belief from professional responsibility, and how to make exceptions in a principled way. Where appropriate references are included to the codes of ethics of other professions: journalists, booksellers, and lawyers.

Jean Preer is Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University-Indianapolis. She holds a Ph.D. and a J.D. from George Washington University and her MLS from Berkeley. She has also taught at The Catholic University of America. She has published many articles and chapters of books including Lawyers and Education: Black Colleges and Desegregation in Public Higher Education (Greenwood, 1982)."

Posted December 08, 2008