ASIS&T Student Chapter - "Tech Talk"


The American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) – Student Chapter recently held its first Fall “Tech Talk.” The talk took place on October 21, 2009 in the Wells Library, Room E-174. The speaker was Cairril Mills of Design & Marketing. Her company provides web design and development, graphic design, and brand development on a nationwide client base.

SLIS Master of Information Science student China Williams is the current president of the ASIS&T Student Chapter. She provided a summary of the talk.

Cairril Mills started the talk by giving a brief history of the companies and jobs she held before she started her own business. She discussed the reasons why she decided to become a business owner. Then she discussed her business philosophy and her business model. She explained what she does at and how she organizes her design projects. Throughout the lecture she answered questions from attendees about owning her own business as well as her thoughts on web page design and her ideas about what constitutes an effective web page experience. She finished by giving advice to those who are interested in owning their own business as well as advice for those interested in going into web site design.

SLIS Associate Dean Howard Rosenbaum is the faculty sponsor for the ASIS&T Student Chapter. He stated: "These are valuable talks for students. They give an insider's view of what it is like to work in the IS [information science] field. This talk addressed practical concerns of running a small web-based business. And, it gave insights into the life of an entrepreneur developing a marketing/design company."

For more information on the student chapter, visit their Facebook page.

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Posted November 03, 2009