The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Science

Photo of Hsin-Liang (Oliver) Chen

SLIS faculty member Hsin-Liang (Oliver) Chen recently co-authored an article with colleague James Patrick Williams in The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Science.

• Chen, H., & Williams, J. P. (2009). Pedagogical design for an online information literacy course: College students' learning experience with multi-modal objects. Canadian Journal of Library and Information Science, 33(1/2), 1-37.


This project is an exploratory study on the use of multi-modal objects in an online information literacy course. This paper reports on the second phase of the project, which focused on students' learning experience within five course modules employing different multi-modal media objects for instruction. Seven online surveys were conducted at the beginning of the course, immediately after each of the webcast discussion sessions accompanying each course module, and at the end of the course. The findings show significant relationships among computer skills, online teaching materials, use of communication tools, learning experience, and satisfaction with the course.

About the Journal:

"The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science — [journal title in French: La Revue canadienne des sciences de l’information et de bibliothe´conomie] is "recognized internationally for its authoritative bilingual contributions to the field of information science. It was established in 1976… The editorial policy of the journal is to continue the advancement of information and library science in both English and French Canada by serving as a forum for discussions of theory and research… It is published quarterly by the Canadian Association for Information Science."

Posted December 16, 2009