Praise for Bloomington Gays - New Book by Dean Cronin

Book cover

• “Cronin’s latest book about the Bloomington that he loves, but also loves to hate, is by far his most personal. Because of this, the book is not only entertaining, as we have come to expect of him, but also enlightening. Do read it!”
— Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis, University Chancellor and Trustee Professor, Indiana University ("Praise for Bloomington Gays" - from the back cover)

SLIS Dean Blaise Cronin has completed the fourth in a series of books he has written about Bloomington. The book sub-titles play off the phrase "Town and Gown in Middle America." The play-on-words in the title (Days, Daze, Gaze, Gays) have highlighted different aspects of life in Bloomington.

His newest book is now available through AuthorHouse:

• Bloomington Gays: Not More Town and Gown in Middle America?

The quotes below are from the back cover of this newest book. They give a small glimpse into the earlier books in the series, and enjoyment that has come from reading the books.

• Praise for Bloomington Gaze
“Blaise Cronin’s witty, irreverent and amusing third book on the life of a university town in Middle America … invites rereading for both pure pleasure as well as for its intellectual rigor.”
— Andrea Ciccarelli, Professor of Italian, Indiana University, and co-editor of The Cambridge Companion to the Italian Novel

• Praise for Bloomington Daze
“With his native Irish wit, Blaise bursts many pretensions of both Town and Gown … altogether it is a joy to read.”
— J. Michael Dunn, Oscar E, Ewing Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Dean Emeritus of Informatics, Indiana University

• Praise for Bloomington Days “Why did I purchase six copies of Bloomington Days for Chanukah and Christmas presents last year? Blaise Cronin’s hilarious yet affectionate words capture the bucolic surrealism of B-town for its happy inhabitants and for those misguided souls only passing through.”
— Susan D. Gubar, Distinguished Professor Emerita of English, Indiana University, and author of Rooms of Our Own

About the Author (from the book)

"Blaise Cronin was born and raised in Ireland. Trinity College Dublin and the Queen’s University of Belfast graciously granted him the degrees necessary to avoid working for a living. He came to Middle America via London (England) and Glasgow (Scotland). In one sense, he has never looked back; in another, he has never stopped looking back."

In similar style, Dean Cronin has also written:
• Stickmen: Reflections on the Goalie's Eccentric Art

Posted November 02, 2010