MIS Student Co-Authors Digital Repositories Article

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SLIS Master of Information Science (MIS) student Saeed Moaddeli, along with several colleagues, had an article published in the Aslib Proceedings 2011 (Volume 63, Issue 1, pages 46-56.) The other authors were Emad Khazraee, Azade Sanjari, and Shadi Shakeri. All four had worked before at the Encyclopedia of Iranian Architectural History (EIAH) in Tehran, Iran. The article was presented at the ISKO UK Conference 2009 in London by Azade Sanjari, and after reviews accepted to be published. The article is titled:

•EIAH Data Model: Semantic Interoperability Among Distributed Digital Repositories

In addition to his studies, Saeed Moaddeli also works with SLIS faculty member John Walsh as a Technical Assistant with the Digital Humanities Quarterly. Moaddeli commented on the article stating:

"The article is a case study of the project we were working on in Iran. The project was aimed to create a digital encyclopedia of resources and knowledge related to history of Iranian architecture. A big part of the project was creating and maintaining a digital repository of resources and historical documents. The other significant part of the project was creating a semantic network of topics in the field of history of Iranian architecture to sit on top of our digital repository. Using these two components and a linker/mediator we wanted to create an encyclopedia ( an interconnected network of concepts, topics and resources) where you could explore all the documents and resources related to a topic in Iranian architecture."

The full-text article is available online through Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Posted March 09, 2011