Deb Noggle: 2011 Library Journal Movers & Shaker

Sculpture in front of the IUPUI Library - and SLIS Indianapolis

SLIS alumna Deb Noggle (MLS ‘05) has been named to Library Journal’s 2011 Movers & Shakers list. Deb, who is a Librarian for the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, described being named as a Mover & Shaker as, “pretty exciting and wonderful.” Library Journal describes Movers & Shakers as a way to "spotlight librarians and others in the library field who are doing extraordinary work to serve their users and to move libraries of all types and library services forward."

Deb commented by email about her time at SLIS.

“Completing my MLS at IU is one of my greatest accomplishments, and it opened doors for me that really expedited my career. For me, it was a time of stress and sacrifices (I had a full time job, a husband and small child), but it was worth every minute I spent studying at home, in class, and traveling to and from Indianapolis. I think back often on things that many of the talented faculty said and taught, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to study with them!”

An excerpt from the Library Journal article is included below. The full article about Deb Noggle can be found on the Library Journal website.

"Deb Noggle took a part-time job 15 years ago at the Allen County Public Library (ACPL) as a way to supplement a low-paying radio job. It soon became the place she preferred to be, and she's been at ACPL ever since.

Her love of reading reaches all ages. When Noggle launched a blog companion to Bella's Book Club, a teen paranormal discussion group inspired by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, 'the kids moved on from simply describing the books as awesome and the characters as sooooo cute to being able to converse on the finer points and nuances of character development and plot.' The site now boasts participants from 156 countries and has had 100,000-plus visits."

In an email interview, Deb made an additional statement: "My library specialization is in library services to children, and I have spent the better part of my 16 year career at ACPL working on and promoting PLA's Early Literacy Initiative. When Allen County Public Library started as a demonstration site for the PLA early literacy program, I had a 1 year old son, and I was passionate about getting the word out to parents that giving babies, toddlers, and preschoolers a strong foundation in literacy concepts was so important for success in learning to read in school. So, as he was going through those stages, I too, was doing the same things at home. I am happy to say that my son is now 11 years old, and a strong reader. It works!"

Deb Noggle was selected as a 2011 Mover & Shaker as a "Community Builder". SLIS alumnus John Watts was also selected as a 2011 Mover & Shaker - with the category "Advocate." SLIS has had a number of alumni selected for this honor over the years. Read other profiles using the search feature on our SLIS News page.

Posted June 01, 2011