ASIS&T 2011: New Orleans

SLIS Alumni Reception, ASIS&T 2011
SLIS Alumni Reception, ASIS&T 2011

The 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) was held in New Orleans, LA from October 9-12. This year’s theme was “Bridging the Gulf: Communication and Information in Society, Technology and Work.” SLIS faculty, doctoral students, and master degree students participated in a variety of ways including presentations, posters, and committee planning work.

This year two SLIS faculty members were honored with ASIS&T awards. Howard Rosenbaum was named the ASIS&T Thomas Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher. Katy Börner was presented the award for the ASIS&T Best Information Science Book of the Year for her Atlas of Science.

SLIS contributions to meeting include the following (a full conference program can be found on the ASIS&T website):

SLIS students were well represented in the program, including doctoral students Guo Zhang, Chaoqun Ni, Craig Finlay, Lai Ma, and Erjia Yan and master’s degree students Michael Johnson, Vincent Malic, Ulrich Houzamne, and Dorothy Waugh.

  • Stasa Milojević and Cassidy Sugimoto: Co-Organizers, Metrics 2011: Symposium on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG/MET) - (with Judit Bar-Ilian, Jonathan Levitt, Katherine McCain, Ronald Rousseau, Liwen Vaughan and Dietmar Wolfram)
  • Cassidy Sugimoto: Chapter Assembly Director, SIG/ED Programming Officer
  • Howard Rosenbaum and Pnina Fichman: Organizers, Bridging the Gulf: The Social Analysis of Computing in Society and the Workplace (SIG/SI) 7th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium
  • Cassidy Sugimoto, Laura Christopherson (Co-Organizers), Howard Rosenbaum (panelist). Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students (with Naresh Agarwal, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Michelle Kazmer, Barbara Wildemuth, Carolyn Hank, and Elizabeth Liddy)
  • Guo Zhang: Age, Culture and Communication: Contextualization and Framing in a Playful Online Forum (Paper)
  • Chaoqun Ni and Cassidy Sugimoto: Four-facets Study of Scholarly Communities: Artifact, Producer, Concept and Gatekeeper (Poster)
  • Craig Finlay, Michael Johnson, Vincent Malic, Xiaozhong Liu, Chaoqun Ni and Cassidy Sugimoto: Exploring Connections of the Biblioblogosphere (Poster)
  • Lai Ma: Situational Information: Formal Ontological Categories and Research Consequences (Poster)
  • Ulrich Houzanme: Who are the Most Influential Researchers in Library and Information Science in Africa? (Poster)
  • Erija Yan and Ying Ding: Library and Information Science (LIS) As We See It: An Overview at the State and Country Level from 1965-2010 (Poster)
  • Xiaozhong Liu: ScholarWiki System for Knowledge Indexing and Retrieval (Poster) - (with Jian Qin and Miao Chen)
  • Hsin-liang Chen and Robin Moeller: An Analysis of Online News Comments on Children’s Racial Perceptions in the U.S. (Poster).
  • Hsin-liang Chen: Panelist, Digital Content Creation: A Global View of Curriculum Design (with Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić, Ron Brown, Samantha Hastings, Yin-Leng Theng)
  • Ron Day: Panelist, Fundamental Research Questions in Information Science. (with Sachi Arafat, John Budd, Jonathan Furner, Robin Hunt, and Julian Warner)
  • Ron Day: Panelist, The Future of Information History. (with Jenna Hartel, Thomas Haigh and Siobhan Stevenson)
  • Chaoqun Ni: 2011 New Leaders Award Winner
  • Dorothy Waugh: The Sociology of Information: Interpreting Digital Information as a Product of Its Transmission. (Poster)
  • SLIS Alumni Reception: 10/11/2011
  • Cassidy Sugimoto (moderator) and Howard Rosenbaum: Panelists, Preparing for the Academic Job Market: An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students
  • Stasa Milojević, Debora Shaw and Cassidy Sugimoto (moderator): Panelists, Using Information Obtained through Informetrics to Address Practical Problems and to Aid Decision-making (with Judit Bar-Ilan, Jonathan Levitt, Katherine McCain, Liwen Vaughan and Dietmar Wolfram)
  • Andrea Copeland, Co-Presenter: Hands On with the State of the Art (SIG VIS Workshop) - (with Sam Hastings, Elaine Menard, Joan Beaudoin, Chris Landbeck)
  • Noriko Hara: Program Committee, Track 4 Information & Knowledge Management. Discussant, SIG-SI Awards. Panelist, Opportunities and Challenges of Conducting Large Scale Social Informatics Research

Posted October 24, 2011