Using Video Games to Enhance Treatment Outcomes for Stroke and TBI Patients

Photo of Hamid Ekbia

SLIS faculty member Hamid Ekbia is a recipient of an Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) grant awards. His research project "InSight Rehab: Using Video Games to Enhance Treatment Outcomes for Stroke and TBI Patients" was awarded $25,000. One of the goals of the awards is to "encourage statewide collaborations and speed the development of new medical treatments and services." [CTSI website] Excerpts about the CTSI award program are included below:

Dr. Ekbia noted: "I am very much honored to have received this award. Although it is small in terms of dollar amount, it allowed our team of collaborators and developers to design a prototype that we intend to develop further by pulling together other resources and talents from within and outside IU. One such resource was recently made available through a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation through its new I-Corps program. A competitive program with multiple stages of selection and filtering, this NSF funding mechanism puts us in a pool of other national projects that are recognized for their potential to turn academic research and innovation into practical applications that can make a difference in people’s life – in this case, the roughly 1.35 million survivors of stroke, TBI, and other similar inflictions."

Posted January 16, 2013