ILS Fall 2013 – New Student Orientation

Photo of a campus bus in the fall

The Fall 2013 ILS Orientation sessions welcome new students and provide an opportunity to start networking with future professional colleagues.

The sessions below are the beginning of a variety of events hosted at ILS, at SoIC, and at Indiana University to help students as they begin their graduate studies.

ILS Fall Orientaion:

Thursday, 8/22/13

Friday, 8/23/13

ILS will host an Autumn Reception on Monday, 9/16/13 at Grazie! Italian Eatery in downtown Bloomington. More details will be sent on the ILS listserv.

SoIC Events

Friday, 8/23/13

GPSO (Graduate and Professional Student Organization) Events:

Thursday 8/22/13

Friday, 8/23/13

Sunday, 8/25/13

The ILS Student Chapters of Professional Associations will host a variety of events both to welcome new students and to help with professional development. Watch for announcements on the ILS listservs. Many of the groups also have facebook pages.

In addition, students are encouraged to attend talk series, UITS (University Information Technology Services) free workshops, and IU Libraries free workshops. These opportunities will help you to network with people in the field, and will help enhance your résumé.

Watch for announcements about events to celebrate our newly merged school.
• New School Launch Event – Friday, 9/27/13

Posted July 25, 2013