ALUMNI Connection, Spring 2001

Alumni Connection
SLIS Network, Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2001

Before 1960

Nancy H. Boughton, MLS'58, is a reference librarian at the Kokomo-Howard Public Library. She and her husband, William Boughton, MS'60, live in Kokomo, Ind.


Betty J. Irvine, BA'66, MLS'69, PhD'82, is a librarian at the IUB Fine Arts Library.

David Bucove, MLS'67, is retiring after 10 years as director of the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Ind. He is a member of the SLIS Alumni Board.

Cynthia A. Voight (Montillo), BA'69, MLS'70, is a registered representative for Life USA Securities, located in Minneapolis. After working until 1980 at Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y., she left the library field and worked for various businesses. She lives in Denver and can be reached at


Stephen A. Kershner, BS'71, MLS'73, is executive director of the Michigan Library Association. His wife, Kathy Kershner, MLS'73, is the children's librarian for the Canton Public Library in Canton, Mich. The couple lives in Novi, Mich.

Lester J. Pourciau, PhD'75, has been elected president for the year 2001 of the Emeriti Club of the University of Memphis. The membership of this organization is composed of retired administrators, faculty, and staff of the university.


Ronaldo Martine, MLS'81, is an assistant professor and librarian at the University of Puerto Rico.

Alan J. McPherson, MS'81, MS'83, MLS'85, recently published a book, Indiana's Best Hikes. He lives in Kewanna, Ind.

Janet B. Croft, BA'82, MLS'83, is head of access services at the University of Oklahoma libraries. She lives in Norman, Okla.

David M. Ivey Jr., BGS'85, MLS'90, is the newly appointed director of the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Ind. Previously, he was associate director of the Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Nancy E. Poehlmann, MA'82, MLS'85, is an information control librarian at the University of Notre Dame. She and her husband, Christian Poehlmann, BA'85, MLS'85, live in Notre Dame, Ind.

Carmela R. Kinslow, BGS'86, MLS'89, works at the Kresge Library at the University of Notre Dame. She was promoted to associate librarian at the Law Library at the Notre Dame Law School.
Kenneth Kinslow is the Head of Interlibrary Loan and Document at the Hesburgh Library at Notre Dame. They live in South Bend.

Regina A. Jannink, MLS'89, is library administrator for Saint Mary of the Woods College in Saint Mary of the Woods. She lives in Terre Haute, Ind.


Virginia A. Baldwin, MLS'90, writes: "After nine years as a science librarian at Eastern Illinois University, I have taken a position as head of the engineering library at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I am also the editor of the journal Science and Technology Libraries."

Nancy E. Clark, MLS'91, is the readers advisory librarian at Anchorage Municipal Libraries.

Saad D. Al Ghamdi, MLS'91, writes that his time in Bloomington was "really great. I'll never forget it. Besides the important gain of knowledge,I met many great classmates and professors, which made it unforgettable. Bloomington is a very nice city quite delightful." He lives in SaudiArabia.

Jennifer E. Lucas, BAJ'92, MLS'94, is the electronic resources librarian for the Bellevue Regional Library in Bellevue, Wash. She recently appeared on the TV show Inside Edition, where she traded places with a Las Vegas showgirl for a night. (For a SLIS NEWs feature on Jennifer, visit this Librarian (A SLIS MLS Alum) Trades Places With Vegas Showgirl For A Night story link.)

Clarence J. Roberts, BA'92, MLS'95, is president and chief executive officer of the Mighty Eighty Museum in New Orleans.

Carrie A. Utterback, MLS'92, writes: "After having a child in May 2000, I to leave the world of Chicago law firms. In December 2000, I joined the faculty of the Valparaiso University School of Law as public services librarian and assistant professor of law."

Sara Peterson Smith, MLS'93, is the archivist for Manchester College in Manchester, Ind. She is also an adjunct professor in the English department. She lives with her husband, Brian Peterson, MA'92, PhD'00, and daughter, Maria Joy.

Jeffrey E. Kosokoff, MA'94, MLS'94, is head of reference at the Lamont Library at Harvard University. He lives in Cambridge, Mass.

Judson R. Kring, MLS'94, serves on the staff of Indiana Speaker of the House John Gregg. He is responsible for recruiting and managing legislative interns. He lives in Indianapolis.

Elizabeth K. Markoff, MLS'94, is a librarian in the reference department of the Laredo (Texas) Public Library.

Stephanie A. Michel, MLS'97, is humanities librarian at the University of Oregon.

Carol M. Hoek, MLS'98, and David J. Hoek, MLS'98, had a baby girl, Holly Marie, on Feb. 13.

Scott L. Walter, MLS'98, is head of the Brain Education Library at Washington State University.


Sheryke R. McCoy, MLS'00, is a librarian in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Larry D. Mitchell, MLS'00, has launched a virtual bookstore at He lives in Palmdale, Calif.

Barbara A. Pietraszewski, MLS'00, is an assistant professor and business reference librarian at Texas A&M University.

SLIS Network, Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2001

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