Internships: California's Xerox PARC: Deadline -- Friday, February 15

Xerox PARC
SLIS students are invited to apply for a summer internship at the famed Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) located in California's Silicon Valley.

The organization is currently accepting summer intern applications for the 2002 program through Friday, February 15.

Read about the eligibility, qualifications, general areas and specific projects at:

Interns who join PARC will be working shoulder-to-shoulder with world-class scientists and business professionals. But PARC, itself, is in the midst of an exciting transition to become an independent company. (December 11, 2001 Press Release) This year, interns will both gain valuable experience in their fields and be part of creating a new model for pioneering research.

Application Period: December 1, 2001 - February 15, 2002
Formal Offers: February - March, 2002
Final Notifications: April 15, 2002

Qualified and exceptional students are encouraged to apply.

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, California 94304

Posted January 24, 2002