Faculty Activity at ASIST 2004 Annual Meeting


Several SLIS faculty members were actively involved at the 2004 American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIST) Annual Meeting. The meeting was held 12-17 November in Providence, Rhode Island.

Blaise Cronin. Invited presentation: "Forms of Intellectual Collaboration." 11 November 2004.

Blaise Cronin. Invited presentation: "On Whose Author-ity?: Attribution, Accountability and Multiple Agency." 11 November 2004.

Blaise Cronin. Panel session moderator: "Social Informatics: A Rubric with an Identity Crisis?" 12 November 2004.

Javed Mostafa. Presenter: "Impact of cyberinfrastructure and knowledge communities on DL education." 16 November 2004.

Javed Mostafa. Presenter: "Information visualization challenges, applications, and evaluation." 16 November 2004.

Javed Mostafa. Presenter: "Consumer health information systems." 17 November 2004.

Noriko Hara and Howard Rosenbaum. Instructors: "A Social Informatics Workshop for Library and Information Science Research." 14 November 2004.

Howard Rosenbaum. Contributed Paper: "Socio-technical interaction networks as a tool for understanding digital libraries. 17 November 2004."

Pnina Shachaf and Noriko Hara. Panel Presentation: "The use of the Internet in the Middle East Conflict." In SIG USE Panel "Empowering Users: Cultures and Conflicts from Social Informatics Perspective" 14 November 2004.

Debora Shaw. Contributed Paper: "Can citations be a measure of impact? An investigation of journals in the life sciences." 17 November 2004.

Posted November 19, 2004