Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center Approved


The IU Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) has approved the start up of a Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science (CNS) Center. Katy Brner, SLIS assistant professor of information science, will serve as the Center's founding director.

The Center will provide a cyberinfrastructure for the analysis, modeling and visualization of social, behavioral, biomedical, and physical networks in support of research and education in diverse departments at IU.

"There is a very active group of network and complex systems researchers at IUB, many of whom deal with large-scale networks," says Brner. "The CNS Center will provide the socio-technical infrastructure for diverse projects that often involve investigators from different scientific disciplines and are at the frontiers of research."

Brner was awarded a $157,925 equipment grant by the IU Office of the Vice President for Information Technology to acquire computing equipment crucial for the operation of the Center.

"We will work very closely with investigators to ensure that the envisioned cyberinfrastructure meets their needs and becomes a central means to share expertise, data, code, and computing resources," says Brner.

The new Center and its computing infrastructure will be hosted at SLIS, IUB.

The cross-fertilization of research in different areas of science is also supported by the weekly talk series on Networks and Complex Systems organized by Brner since Fall 2004. The series brings together researchers and students from the social and behavioral sciences, "hard core" sciences such as biology or physics, but also computers scientists developing Internet technologies.

Posted February 03, 2005

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