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If you have not yet read the stories on the ILS Student Blog — please do.

The first posting was on September 18, 2013, and there have been twenty more postings since. A special thanks to current MLS student Kayt Ahnberg, and to ILS Admissions Coordinator and Recorder Jill Clancy. Together they have collected, invited, managed, written and brainstormed to help highlight fun and interesting aspects of graduate studies at ILS.

A few of the postings:

ILS Student Blog - Goal:

This blog is managed by the Department of Information and Library Science, School of Informatics and Computing. The goal is to invite student employees, students, alumni to comment about their experiences here. We want to highlight our student chapters of professional associations. We want prospective students to know what a great place this is for graduate studies. We plan to highlight special events at happenings at ILS, at SoIC, and at Indiana University.

Watch for more stories in the Spring.

The blog can also be accessed on the ILS Admissions page – (on the right hand side.)

Posted December 18, 2013