MLS and MIS Programs – Looking Forward

SLIS in the spring

SLIS alumni and employers of SLIS graduates are among the sources encouraging the school to keep the master’s degree programs up to date with changes in the profession. This spring SLIS Bloomington faculty members addressed such questions as:

What will students need to know to be successful in their careers? What challenges currently face the information profession? What new opportunities are on the horizon? In what new ways will people use technology to connect with the information they need?

The faculty approved changes in the MLS curriculum, added two specializations, and revised the MIS foundation course to provide an introduction for all master’s students:

Ideas for improving SLIS programs come from conversations with alumni, the SLIS Alumni Board, the MLS and MIS Advisory Councils, ALA accreditors, and faculty from SLIS and our new partners in the School of Informatics and Computing. We are excited about the possibilities ahead, and about the creative new career paths that continue to open for SLIS graduates.

Posted April 23, 2013