New Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture (GCIA)

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SLIS announces the introduction of the Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture (GCIA).

Information architecture (IA) addresses the design of effective and efficient information systems and structures that provide access to collections of information resources. IA involves the processes of planning, overseeing implementation, and managing the growth of organizational structures that provide meaningful context in support of user understanding and mediate interaction between system content and user. These organizational structures include digital libraries, web sites, databases, information retrieval systems, educational software and even games.

The GCIA is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to relevant knowledge and core skills germane to the practice of IA and to give the student practical experience in applying these skills in real-world situations. The GCIA offers an opportunity for practicing information architects to continue their professional development and lends credibility to the claim that a holder of the certificate is a qualified information architect.

GCIA Certificate Requirements
Students must complete 18 graduate credit hours of coursework covering the foundations of information architecture, systems analysis, the management of information systems design, human-computer interaction and indexing. The knowledge and core skills acquired through coursework are then put into practice in a capstone project that requires their application to a real-world problem.

GCIA Admission Requirements
Enrollment in the GCIA program is open to students who have completed either a bachelor's or master's degree as well as students who are currently enrolled in a master's program. Applicants must meet SLIS admission requirements for a master's degree and must be accepted into the program by the GCIA program directors. The inaugural Fall 2007 class will be limited to seven students.

GCIA Scholarship: 3 credit hours
To launch the new SLIS Graduate Certificate in Information Architecture, 3 credit hours of tuition remission will be awarded to each student admitted to the GCIA program for Fall 2007. (NOTE: The student will still be responsible for unremittable fees of approximately $25.00 per credit hour.).

If you have any questions, please contact one of the GCIA program directors: Noriko Hara (, Elin Jacob (, and Howard Rosenbaum (

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Posted February 15, 2007