New SoIC Bloomington Website Planned for January 2014

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A top priority for the newly merged School of Informatics and Computing is to have a vibrant web presence. Steps are in place to create a SoIC Bloomington website with a new look, and fully merged content, by January 2014.


1. The top-level SoIC system-wide portal page was launched in late May.

This site meets a number of goals. It gives the School a single URL for national reporting (involving both campuses), for the alumni magazine and other alumni relations, for recruiting efforts that are shared between campuses, for advertising purposes, and for links to and from professional associations.

Developing this website encouraged (SLIS) and SoIC system-wide to think about how we present our new, larger school, reaffirming the high priority for an effective web presence. The IU Office of Creative Services developed the website in spring 2013. Their work helped to present the School in a fresh way.

2. SoIC at IUPUI brought together the IUPUI programs with a new look.

3. SoIC at Bloomington has contracted again with the IU Office of Creative Services, in order to blend the web content and programs offered in Bloomington. OCS will focus on the site’s color, design, look, structure, and suitability for mobile devices. The goal is to launch the new website launched by January 2014.

This review is also an occasion to think about the School in a larger way – looking ahead to careers and research – and finding ways to connect with prospective students.

Posted September 16, 2013