SICE researchers showcased at CHI2018

CHI 2018

The premier conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems will have a distinct IU feel this year.

A contingent of faculty and students from the Human-Computer Interaction/design, Security, and Proactive Health Informatics programs at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering had a total of 15 papers, journal articles, and proposals accepted by the prestigious Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) CHI Conference 2018, which will be held in Montreal April 21-26.

“It’s a great honor to have so many members of the SICE family play such an active role at CHI 2018,” said Raj Acharya, dean of SICE. “With acceptance rates hovering around 20 percent among the thousands of submissions each year, it’s a sign of the high quality of work being conducted at our School that so many items have been accepted.”

One of the papers, “Bottom-up imaginaries: The cultural-technical practice of inventing regional advantage through IT R&D,” by Associate Professor of Informatics Shaowen Bardzell and Professor of Informatics Jeffrey Bardzell, earned honorable mention for Best Papers, placing it in the top five percent of all papers submitted.

Gabrielle Cantor, a sophomore in intelligent systems engineering, will be competing in the Student Research Competition with work she completed over the summer as part of a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates in the Proactive Health Informatics program. Her paper is titled “Designing Technological Interventions for Patients with Discordant Chronic Cormorbidities and Type-2 Diabetes.”

Another group of graduate students in HCI, Ruoxun Chen, Aditya More, Marshall Robbins, and Dou Tian, will take part in the Student Design Competition. Their project, "Small Donation -- Big Impact: Visualizing Charitable Donations," creates a charity box that allows donors to visualize the impact of their monetary donations through the use of a display that shows the amount of food that can be purchased for each dollar donated.   

“CHI is the most prestigious conference in the field of HCI, and it is extraordinary that our school is so successful in getting papers accepted,” said Erik Stolterman, senior executive associate dean at SICE and a professor of human computer interaction. “It shows that our school is at the front line of research in the field and that we have internationally influential faculty.”

The ACM CHI conference is the world's premiere conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, presenting a highly selective showcase of the very best advances across the disciplines of computer science, cognitive psychology, design, social science, human factors, artificial intelligence, graphics, visualization, multi-media design and other disciplines.

SICE Contributions to CHI 2018 (SICE faculty in italics)


  • Anna N. Baglione, Maxine M. Girard, Meagan Price, James Clawson, and Patrick Shih. Modern Bereavement: A Model for Complicated Grief in the Digital Age.
  • Eli Blevis. Seeing What Is and What Can Be: On Sustainability, Respect for Work, and Design for Respect.
  • EunJeong Cheon and Norman Makoto Su. The Value of Empty Space for Design.
  • Jordan Beck and Hamid Ekbia. The Theory-Practice Gap as Generative Metaphor.
  • Guo Freeman, Shaowen Bardzell, and Jeffrey Bardzell. Bottom-up imaginaries: The cultural-technical practice of inventing regional advantage through IT R&D. (Honorable Mention Award, top 5%).
  • Rakibul Hasan, Eman Hassan, Yifang Li, Kelly Caine, David J. Crandall, Roberto Hoyle, and Apu Kapadia. Viewer Experience of Obscuring Scene Elements in Photos to Enhance Privacy.
  • Juan F. Maestre, Haley MacLeod, Ciabhan Connelly, Julia Dunbar, Jordan Beck, Katie A. Siek, and Patrick Shih. Defining Through Expansion: Conducting Asynchronous Remote Communities (ARC) Research with Stigmatized Groups.
  • Gabrielle Salib, Juan F. Maestre, Kenneth Nimley, Nadia Dowshen, and Gabriela Marcu. Reflection of Progress within a Medication Adherence Tracking Application.

Journal Articles

  • Jeffrey Bardzell, Shaowen Bardzell, Cindy Lin, Silvia Lindtner, and Austin Toombs. HCI's Making Agenda. Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction.
  • Shaowen Bardzell. Utopias of Participation: Feminism, Design, and the Futures. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI). ACM.
  • L-E Janlert and Erik Stolterman. The meaning of interactivity—some proposals for definitions and measures. In Human–Computer Interaction, Vol. 32, Iss. 3, 2017.

Panel Proposals

  • Sheelagh Carpendale, Shaowen Bardzell, Margaret Burnett, Neha Kumar, and Madeline Balaam. (2018). Extending Conversations about Gender and HCI.

Workshop Proposals

  • Gopinaath Kannabira, Alex Ahmed, Matthew Wood, Madeline Balaam, Joshua Tanenbaum, Shaowen Bardzell, and Jeffrey Bardzell. (2018). Design for Sexual Wellbeing in HCI.

SIG Proposals

  • Rosanna Bellini, Angelika Strohmayer, Ebtisam Alabdulgader, Alex Ahmed, Katta Spiel, Shaowen Bardzell, and Madeline Balaam. Feminist HCI: Taking Stock, Moving Forward, and Engaging Community.
  • Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat, Sayan Sarcar, Huatong Sun, Effie Lai-Chong Law, Torkil Clemmensen, Jeffrey Bardzell, Antti Oulasvirta, Chaklam Silpasuwanchai, Ann Light, and Xiangshi Ren. Approaching Engagement towards Human-Engaged Computing.

Doctoral Consortium

  • Annu Sible Prabhakar. Designing for Compassion Cultivation.

Student Research Competition

  • Gabrielle Cantor – Designing Technological Interventions for Patients with Discordant Chronic Cormorbidities and Type-2 Diabetes
  • Ruoxun Chen, Aditya More, Marshall Robbins, and Dou Tian – Small Donation–Big Impact: Visualizing Charitable Donations

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