For a community to be truly special, everyone needs to feel welcome there.

This is precisely the type of community we’re fostering at the School of Informatics and Computing—a place where students, faculty, and staff of both genders and all races and backgrounds are accepted and supported.

In the Student Community

Our students come from all over the world, and we want all of them to succeed as students and professionals. Student groups and events ranging from a student talent show to Women in Informatics and Computing’s pumpkin carving and s’more roasting foster a strong bond among our students.

We also offer several opportunities for women and minorities to get involved, including the following:

  • Women at SICE offers mentoring and leadership opportunities, and sponsors events such as a banquet recognizing faculty who have influenced female students and WIC Week, which features seminars on personal and professional development.
  • The Informatics Research Scholars Program connects undergrad women and minorities with Ph.D. students in informatics and computer science to collaborate on research projects.
  • SICE Pacesetter (Students Organized to Impact the Community) interns to promote inclusivity in the School. The SICE Pacesetters Program in the School of Informatics and Computing is a highly-selective group of enthusiastic and involved undergraduate students who serve as representatives of the School in a variety of outreach, recruitment, and retention initiatives specifically targeting underrepresented talent (i.e. African-American, Latin American, Native American, and female students).
  • The School of Informatics and Computing is sponsoring a research experience program for undergraduate computer science majors (UROC) and all* interested students are encouraged to apply. Two undergraduate students will be paried and matched to one faculty member and/or Ph.D. student mentor for a research project in computer science. UROC@SICE is a great program for any student interested in learning more about the research process or considering attending graduate school. It's also an excellent opportunity to grow your problem solving skills and to build your resume. No previous research experience required!

In the Classroom

Our focus on diversity in the classroom has two main components: creating classroom environments that promote the success of all students, and recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and instructors.

We emphasize research-based best practices in the classroom, holding professional development colloquia on research about recruiting and retaining diverse students. We also host weekly seminars for faculty and instructors who teach first- and second-year students, as well as hold AI workshops that promote inclusivity in the classroom and lab environments.


The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is a community of diverse faculty, students, and staff from a wide range of cultures, nationalities, races, and social backgrounds. We are committed to maintaining an environment of inclusiveness and respect. SICE will respond vigorously to protect against any behavior from or towards members of its community that fosters intolerance or marginalization of other people.