PIT Crew

Promoting Inclusivity in Technology

Goals of the PIT Crew

  1. To initiate activities that foster multicultural awareness/development among our students.
  2. To foster awareness of inclusivity and its benefits (i.e. why we value it and how it relates to competencies for personal and professional effectiveness)
  3. To organize celebrations of our diverse populations (ways to bring them together to promote understanding and exchange of ideas/communication)
  4. To provide opportunities to bring people together to promote increased understanding
  5. To plan events to help community members feel included

Student Expectations

  1. A minimum of one program per month - could be more.
  2. Create and launch an awareness campaign
  3. Create and maintain a website
  4. Strong collaborations with SICE student orgs to promote awareness and engage them in the mission and the values we promote
  5. Create involvement opportunities for interested students not on the PIT leadership team


  1. Cohesive team with commitment and buy-in to goals.
  2. Personal commitment to develop your own skills and awareness.
  3. Create awareness on the part of each student in our major of the PIT Crew's mission and goals.
  4. Focus on student community and the various needs of subpopulations within the student community.
  5. Call to action for our community members - specific things each person can do to promote an inclusive community here or wherever they go.


(WHO):  The SICE PIT Crew is dedicated to promoting an inclusive student community that offers welcoming, safe, respectful, interculturally responsive, and stimulating environment which benefits community members personally, professional, and socially.

Means (HOW):  Providing meaningful interactive programs, events, and resources throughout the school that helps the school continue to foster an inclusive student community where communication is enhanced and difference of all kinds is valued and well-managed.

Benefits (WHY):  An environment of inclusive excellence is one where individual differences are valued and intentionally well-managed between individuals and in group settings.  Promoting and inclusive culture will result in high levels of student satisfaction, professional success, and sense of belonging as well as promote student development with higher levels of Emotional Intelligence, multicultural competency, and the ability to have impact as a high performing team member.  These assets are highly desirable traits of most employers today.