IU Science Fest

Join the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering as we explore technology. We'll offer several opportunities throughout the day, including:

  1. Come try VR gears: Samsun Gear, HTC Vives, and HoloLens.
  2. Come try cool things with VR: play games, explore an ancient building and paint yourself into a circle…with starts.
  3. Meet robotic plant-like architectural elements
  4. Give life to Lego Mindstorms with computer science.
  5. Make robots using Arduino chips and “eyes” and write programs to control their behaviors.
  6. Take a tour of the Computer Science Department server room.
  7. Play in the computer “junk yard”.
  8. Map smells, track the weather, and navigate the cosmic web using interactive and data visualizations.
  9. Learn about searching problems and algorithms through activities and games.
  10. Learn about data mining, data science and AI.

Visit the IU Science Fest website to learn more!