Second Degree & Returning Students

Whether you're a current IU student hoping to pursue a second bachelor's degree or are returning to college after graduating, we are here to help.  

Current IU Students

To add a second degree in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, you must first meet with a SICE advisor to begin the process. Please visit our academic advisor page to find the advisor with whom you should meet.

Returning Students

Have you already graduated and are looking to pursue another bachelor's degree in SICE? You’re not alone. Each year, a number of students do just that. The process is different for certain students.  If you have:

  • Graduated from IU (any campus), you will need to meet with one of our academic advisors. Please visit our academic advisor page to find out which advisor you should meet with.
  • Graduated from a non-IU campus, you will need to first apply with the Office of Admissions. We encourage you to reach out to IU Admissions at admit@indiana.edu or by calling them at 812-855-0661.
  • Once you have applied with Admissions, please contact siceugrd@indiana.edu to request approval from School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering for a second degree.