I123 Data Fluency

Credits: 3

Data is big. Data is everywhere. How can we possibly be expected to keep up in a world full of data, much of which is data about ourselves? This class provides fundmental skills for the 21st century: understanding data, extracting knowledge from data, generating predictions from data and presenting data.

Spring 2019

Instructor: Stasa Milojevic
Time: 2:30PM-3:45PM Mon, Wed
Location: TEF160

  • Course History

      Spring 2015

      Instructor: Sriraam Natarajan
      Time: 5:45PM-7:00PM Mon, Wed
      Location: Ballantine Hall, Room 215

      Spring 2014

      Instructor: Sriraam Natarajan
      Time: 4:00PM-5:15PM Tue, Thu
      Location: ACC116
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      Supplementary Description: There is no doubt that we operate in a world of data. This course will provide the necessary tools to access, create, manipulate, analyze and visualize the data. The intent of the course is to use real data sets from a wide variety of disciplines including health care, business, humanities, demographics etc. to make the learning of data fluency contextual for the student. Throughout the course, a variety of computational tools will be used by the students to discover patterns and solve problems.