Cognitive Science

Cognitive science explores how people learn, how they perceive, and how they process information—all of which are intimately connected with how we use technology in daily life.

With this cognate, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation of the interaction between humans and computers—and what we can teach each other. Career applications are virtually limitless, from telecommunications and education to artificial intelligence. Students interested in graduate school should consider further studies in human-computer interaction design, complex systems, or social informatics.


  • COGS-Q 240 Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information Sciences
  • COGS-Q 260 Programming for the Cognitive and Information Sciences
  • COGS-Q 270 Experiments and Models in Cognition
  • COGS-Q 320 Computation in the Cognitive and Information Sciences

Select one course from the following:

  • COGS-Q 301 Brain and Cognition
  • COGS-Q 351 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Simulation
  • COGS-Q 360 Autonomous Robotics