Computer Science

The line between informatics and computer science can seem blurred at times. It’s a little like the difference between being able to drive or even work on a car versus being able to build one. If you are passionate about how technology can fuel scientific, cultural, and artistic discovery—but you also want to be able to build the tools to do it—the computer science cognate will give you the opportunity to gain a deeper technical understanding of fundamental aspects of computer science, including network design, cybersecurity, and data and search.

Depending on your focus, this cognate provides you with the skills to take on a variety of IT jobs, from product and application development to user experience and Web development. Students interested in graduate school may consider further studies in either computer science or informatics.

This cognate fulfills the Computer Science minor.

Four, instead of two, Advanced Informatics courses must be completed if substituting CSCI-C 211/C 212 for INFO-I 210/I 211 in the major.


  • CSCI-C 211 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSCI-C 212 Introduction to Software Systems
  • CSCI-C 241 Discrete Structures for Computer Science
  • CSCI-C 335 Computer Structures OR CSCI-C 343 Data Structures
  • Select any additional CSCI course at 300/400 level