Do you have a strong interest in an area where we do not offer a cognate? 

If you are interested in applying information technology to a new domain or taking a more interdisciplinary approach to address a particular problem or issue, you might consider applying for an individualized cognate.  An individualized cognate can be encompassed in a single department or span multiple departments. 

Students typically take one or two foundational courses in the chosen area followed by advanced coursework with a specific focus.  The proposed cognate should be located near the intersection of technology and a particular discipline or issue.

The requirements for an individualized cognate are as follows:
·         At least 5 courses totaling a minimum of 15 credit hours. 
·         At least 9 credit hours at the 300/400 level. 
·         Approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

The proposal for an individualized cognate must include a list of courses, an explanation of why you have chosen this particular set of courses, and a rationale for the cognate (e.g., why the study of this discipline or issue is important; how this cognate can enhance your informatics degree; or how informatics can contribute to this discipline or issue). 

The proposal must be submitted to your academic advisor and then reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  You are encouraged to create a preliminary draft of your proposal and review it with your academic advisor before submitting a final version.