Increases in processing power, memory, and bandwidth have made the human voice as powerful a tool for inputting and sharing data as the computer keyboard. The linguistics cognate introduces you to the science of human languages, with a focus on language acquisition and converting speech to data.

This cognate prepares you for a career in data analysis, voice interface design, and computational language. Students interested in graduate school should consider further studies in informatics and linguistics.


  • LING-L 203 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
  • LING-L 306 Phonetics
Select two courses from the following:

  • LING-L 307 Phonology
  • LING-L 308 Morphology
  • LING-L 310 Syntax
  • LING-L 325 Semantics
  • LING-L 431 Field Methods
Select one course from the following:

  • LING-L 445 The Computer and Natural Language
  • LING-L 485 Topics in Linguistics
  • MATH-M 385 Mathematics from Language
  • Any course from outside the Department of Linguistics with sufficient computational content, subject to approval by the Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor.