Perhaps mathematics is a subject you like or excel at? Regardless, studying math has numerous benefits. It helps you identify and analyze patterns, see relationships, and solve problems, for starters. Whether it’s basic or advanced, most people use math daily, and most careers require math skills.  From Google’s search algorithms to the precise calculations that govern a bomb-sniffing robot’s decision-making, advanced math is an essential tool in expanding the boundaries of technology.

With this cognate you will learn the basics of math, as well as develop your logic and critical thinking skills. The math cognate is excellent preparation for various technology career paths, including interface design, statistical reporting, or Web programming. Students interested in graduate school should consider further studies in computer science or complex systems.

This cognate fulfills the Mathematics minor.


  • MATH-M 211 Calculus I
  • MATH-M 212 Calculus II

Select one course from the following:

  • MATH-M 301 Linear Algebra and Applications
  • MATH-M 303 Linear Algebra for Undergraduates
Select two courses from the following:

  • MATH-M 343 Introduction to Differential Equations with Applications I
  • MATH-M 344 Introduction to Differential Equations with Applications II
  • MATH-M 348 Discrete Mathematical Models
  • MATH-M 353 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH-M 365 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • MATH-M 371 Elementary  Computational Methods
  • MATH-M 447 Mathematical Models and Applications I
  • MATH-M 453 Cryptography
  • MATH-M 455 Quantum Computing I