Public Health

By the time that public health officials realized the first cases of H1N1 flu in Mexico were about to become a life-threatening pandemic, it was already too late to contain its spread. In our fast-paced global economy, we need more and better tools for controlling the spread of infectious disease and promoting healthy behaviors.

The purpose of this cognate is to introduce you to the foundations of community health within the public health context. Learn about epidemiology concepts, measures and methods, and how they’re applied to disease control. Build your skills in public health program planning and implementation. Explore public health data sources, research and evaluation methods and technologies.

With health informatics being one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy, many opportunities exist for people who understand the complex connections between information and health. If you are interested in a career in health care, software development, or public advocacy, consider this cognate. This path prepares you for careers and advanced education, depending upon your career goals and pursuits. Students interested in graduate school should consider further studies in public health, public and environmental affairs, and informatics.


  • SPH-B 366 Community Health
  • SPH-B 403 Public Health Program Planning
  • SPH-H 311 Human Disease and Epidemiology
  • SPH-H 381 Introduction to Health Information and Statistics
  • SPH-H 494 Research and Evaluation Methods in Health and Safety