Our economy and social interactions increasingly rely on sharing information online. Cyberspace is a dangerous place, and more people are needed to protect it. From multinational identity-theft rings to rogue governments that break into citizens’ webmail accounts, any information stored online is vulnerable to a wide range of adaptable and relentless threats. Information security and risk management are critical issues for every organization—from retailers to airlines to investment banks. 

If you’re ready to take on hackers, identity thieves, corporate spies, and a whole range of other cybervillains, the security cognate will introduce you to the foundations and fundamentals of information security. Learn about cybersecurity, how systems and networks are protected, the technologies and protocols used, and the complex web of issues that governments and businesses face in trying to protect their citizens and customers.

The job market for Internet security has been rapidly growing for the past several years, and the demand for talent continues to be very strong. Students interested in graduate school should consider further studies in security informatics.

This cognate fulfills the Minor in Security Informatics.


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