Preparing for College

You’re thinking ahead. We like that—it’s important to be forward-thinking when you’re interested in technology. We’re glad you’re looking at our school, and we have some tips on what you can do now to make your time at Informatics and Computing a success.

Choose Your Classes Wisely

We recommend taking:

  • Any class that gives you more computer experience
  • All the math and science classes you can
  • Classes that build your communication skills, such as writing and oral presentation

Explore Technology and Its Uses

  • Look into learning a programming language, like C++ or Java.
  • Check out innovative Web sites.
  • When you’re playing a game, think about why it’s fun or boring.
  • Try creating your own Web site or game.
  • Observe how your family members and friends use technology.
  • Think of ways to improve your computer or MP3 player or phone.

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