School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

You’ve been majoring in technology for years. Why not make it official?

Do you blog, text, IM, or podcast? Have you built your own website or designed a video game? Have you taught yourself HTML, Photoshop, Flash, or ColdFusion? Researchers say that, you’ve already spent as much time online as a musician would spend practicing to become a professional. In other words, you’ve got skills. We can help you change the world with them.

Computing education is more than learning how to design applications or manage data. It is learning how to think about, break down, and solve complex problems—from balancing execution time and memory usage in a new application to finding a way to stop global warming or protect an airport from terrorists.

Tight Community, Top Careers

Here, your assignments may include developing a new Facebook app, creating a video game, or designing an interface to help people make donations to the hungry. It’s challenging work, but it’s work that can make a difference, too. It also makes us a close-knit community.

Enjoy the opportunity to imagine and build new uses for technology in your classes, your capstone projects, and by participating in one of our Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing. You will thrive in this environment that will spark your imagination, provide a superior education, excellent research opportunities, AND allow you to participate in our annual chili cook-off.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have a portfolio of work that will make employers take notice. Your cooking skills will be pretty good, too.

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